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Dear Bitcoin lovers,

I have prepared the best list for faucets and games in the internet. A faucet is a website that pays you micro Bitcoin amounts for visiting their sites. When you get tired of claiming from faucets, you can try playing some games and make your bitcoin earning more fun. I will check the list everyday and will add/remove new sites for the best income chance. Start collecting free Bitcoins from the sites listed below. If you don`t have a Bitcoin wallet yet you can download it here.


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Best Paying Faucets List:


Up to 2000

Every 5 minutes


Up to 2000

Every 5 minutes


Up to 300

Every 5 minutes


About 200

Every 1 hour




Dogecoin and Litecoin faucets:

There are also some other popular faucets that pay in other currencies such as Dogecoin and Litecoin. You can also collect them and exchange immidiately to Bitcoin in your Exodus wallet. Please visit sites below and make your income bigger.